Making time for older people.

Abbeyfield Southern Oaks is a community based organisation which relies on volunteers to help us achieve our goals

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Abbeyfield Southern Oaks is a not for profit organisation. We are affiliated to The Abbeyfield Society, but are independent and run our own affairs.

Regulator: Housing Corporation H1185  

Registered Office: The Old House, Epsom Road, Ewell, Surrey KT17 1JZ

Registered Charity Number 247308

The company, which is limited by guarantee, is registered in England and Wales at the above address (registration number 734705)

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Works on the Nonsuch Abbeyfield Extra Care Community on Old School Lane, Ewell have started. Enabling works including demolition of the existing buildings and establishment of the site compound are underway. Castleoak, our construction partner, will then start the construction works in late December 2017 with completion of the building in the latter half of 2019. For details of our progress and ongoing updates please go to the

 Nonsuch Abbeyfield website

New Development in Ewell

100th Birthday, Barbara Dunn, resident at Abbeyfield Southern Oaks, Ewell

On 20 August 1918 Barbara Dunn was born in Ireland, in a village then 20 minutes tram journey outside Dublin. On the same date 2018 the same lady celebrated her 100th birthday with family, friends, staff, volunteers and the local Mayor and Mayoress at Abbeyfield Southern Oaks sheltered home in Ewell, Surrey.

Looking back to 1918 the world was a different place with the First World War drawing to a close e.g. with Lawrence of Arabia preparing to lead the Arabs into Damascus and an eventual Armistice in November 1918. When Barbara was 3 she and her family moved to India where her father took up a post as a chartered accountant. She spent 5 years there before making the long journey back by sea which she vividly remembers. The family then settled in a village near Nottingham. She subsequently went to work in the nearby Government Indents Office. During the Second World War she remembers crouching on the stairs with her family as the anchor chain of a Barrage Balloon rattled over the roof tops when it broke free of its moorings.

In 1946 she moved to Tolworth, Surrey with her mother and took up a better paid job in London, where she was employed as a tracer with a firm of civil engineers working on overseas projects including a dam in Egypt. She stayed in Tolworth for many years and after her mother died she lived alone. About 10 years ago she heard the magic word “Abbeyfield” from neighbours who had found a home for their elderly relative in an Abbeyfield home in the Midlands. She came onto our waiting list, visited us for a coffee morning, then came for lunch, then had a trial stay in the room that was free, and we were all pleased that she settled in so well into our house with 9 other residents.

What a glorious life so far, she has had and what events have happened in that time! For example, the partition of Ireland, the breakup of the German, Austrian-Hungarian, Ottoman and British Empires, the defeat of the Reich and the Japanese then 60 years of almost peace. We all wish her many more peaceful years within the bosom of our Society.