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COVID-19 has brought many problems, particularly so to older and vulnerable people.  We at Abbeyfield Southern Oaks are acutely aware of the worries that residents. their families, staff and visitors have at this difficult time.  Please be assured that we are ceaselessly striving to ensure the safety of all who live, work or visit our homes.  

Here is the latest Update following our move to Tier 4  issued 23/12/20

Covid-19 Tier 4 Guidelines


Abbeyfield Southern Oaks communities are classified as Communal Living and Supported Housing, so there are minor variations from the general guidelines that apply to the general population,  After consultation with our residents we, and they, have opted to treat our sheltered houses and Nonsuch Abbeyfield as communal groups.  We ask all our residents, friends, and relatives to understand that as such we have a responsibility to each other and to fellow residents to voluntarily adhere to the rules.  If you have any concerns, please discuss with our staff.


The rules set out below are set by the Government – some may not apply but we list them anyway.  The less relevant rules are in italics.

All of our properties are now in TIER 4



Different rules apply to those who have opted to form a bubble with those who live outside our community.


For those living communally at our sheltered Houses and Nonsuch Abbeyfield


Meeting with others

You are encouraged not to leave your Sheltered House other than for exercise, See below re exercise and shopping. We would encourage the wearing of face covering when using common areas.  At Nonsuch Abbeyfield your flat is your home.  You should not allow other residents into your flat – our staff will only come in with your agreement and will wear masks and gloves.  You should wear a face covering and maintain social distancing (6 ft) in the communal areas except when eating, At Nonsuch Abbeyfield the arrangements for eating have been adjusted to keep everyone safe. No visitors will be allowed into our Sheltered Houses or Nonsuch Abbeyfield if you are living communally unless they are carers (see below), Relatives or delivery people dropping things at Nonsuch Abbeyfield will have to be met in the lobby area and follow our full protocols.

Travel and transport

The Government says you must not leave your home unless you have a reasonable excuse and essential travel should be kept local and within the Tier 4 area.  We strongly recommend you don’t use public transport or ride in a private car unless you are in a non-Abbeyfield support bubble with the person or people in the vehicles.

You are advised against travelling out of your area (although limited exceptions apply, for example for work, education or caring responsibilities). 

Staying overnight

You cannot stay overnight somewhere outside of your local area unless you are in a non-Abbeyfield support bubble with the other household or your travel is needed for work, education or similar.

Going to work

You should work from home where possible. Where this is not possible, workplaces should be coronavirus secure.


Essential shops remain open, but it is recommended that you limit visits as this could be a significant source of infection transmission. If you must (e.g., visit a pharmacy) we encourage you to wear a face covering.

Personal care

Businesses such as hair, beauty and nail salons are closed including the hair salon at Nonsuch Abbeyfield.

Exercise and sporting activity

It is recommended that you continue to exercise. You can meet one other person in parks.

Exercise and physical activity are allowed in outdoor settings, but higher risk contact activity should be avoided. You should maintain social distancing at all times from anybody who is not part of your support bubble

You can meet with ONE person not in your bubble outdoors in a park or street.

Indoor exercise and sports should not take place.  Gyms, pools, and leisure facilities are closed. The Fitness Suite at Nonsuch Abbeyfield is closed.


Up to 30 people can attend someone’s funeral and up to 15 people can attend someone’s wake, ash spreading or other linked events. This cannot be held in someone’s home.

If you’re clinically extremely vulnerable or were previously advised to shield

It’s still important to go outside for exercise but when you do, try to avoid places which are likely to have lots of people. Other than for exercise, try to stay at home as much as possible.

If you can, avoid going to shops and pharmacies. Instead use online shops or ask people in your household or support bubble to pick things up for you. If you’re struggling to get the things you need NHS volunteers can help. You can also register for priority online delivery slots here.

You may want to socially distance from the people you live with, although we know this may not be practical.

Any carers or visitors who support you with everyday needs may continue to come round.

For more information on these specific considerations, see our page on Shielding, social distancing and self-isolation.



You can form a support bubble with others outside your Abbeyfield home or visit them at Christmas but if you do so there are special rules that apply,  If you do want to do this then to protect those who have opted to stay within the Abbeyfield communal living arrangements –

– When you return to your Abbeyfield home or opt to re-join the communal living arrangements, we will ask you to self-isolate for at least 4 days on your return and then ask you to take a Covid19 test. The result of this should be available within 24hrs but may take longer.

– If you test negative, you can re-join the communal areas within your Home.

– If you test positive you will be asked to self-isolate for a further 14 days. Your meals will be provided for you during this period. It is important to note that at any time you show any of the symptoms for Covid19 during your self-isolation period, the 14 day clock will reset from the day of the first symptom.

– If you decide not to take the test we will ask you to self-isolate for 14 days.

– The above is recommended as another layer of safety for your own and your fellow residents’ protection against the transfer of Covid19.

4) Essential Services under Tier 4

– Visits from Hairdressers and Chiropodists are not permitted

– Please note that under essential services for those residents with care packages in place or who require assistance by the emergency services will still be allowed.


5) Carers

If you have a carer your carer can visit you in your apartment or Sheltered House room.  If the carers are professional carers you must let us know the name of the business providing the care.  If your carers are not professional, then only ONE person can be designated as your carer and they must contact our staff and discuss their caring arrangements with us.


6 Christmas Visiting Guidelines 25/12/20

Following on from the recent government guidelines please see below:

– You cannot meet people indoors on Christmas Day unless they live with you or are part of your support bubble. Tier 4 does not allow more than one Christmas Bubble to be formed

– For those residents who opt to not be part of the non Abbeyfield support bubble, please see above on what will occur when you return.

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