Nonsuch Abbeyfield  COVID-19 Our Approach


COVID-19 has brought many problems, particularly so to older and vulnerable people.  We at Abbeyfield Southern Oaks are acutely aware of the worries that residents. their families, staff and visitors have at this difficult time.  Please be assured that we are ceaselessly striving to ensure the safety of all who live, work or visit our homes.





  • The announcement by the Prime Minister on 3rd March 2020 regarding restrictions on citizens rights to venture out beyond their own homes has caused our Trustees to review and update our policies in providing safe accommodation and services for our residents, in providing a safe working environment for our staff, and in operating in the public interest.


  • To this end we set out below our current policies in respect of the Society’s operations at Nonsuch Abbeyfield.


  • Allowing the completion of leaseholder’s purchases
  • Managing and supporting the process of new resident admissions
  • Protecting the health of our residents
  • Protecting the health of our staff
  • Accepting reservations for future leaseholders and tenancies.


  • These policies will be under continuous review and may change at short notice in response to new government guidelines, or authoritative clarification of existing guidelines or our experience of managing the operation of Nonsuch Abbeyfield. Residents and prospective residents will be kept informed if our policies change. We have indicated against the relevant policies, those ones that are mandatory requirements of the UK government.


  • We believe that our policies in this regard mean that our residents will be better

protected than they can be in their existing unsupported houses.

2          OBJECTIVES

  • To maintain an environment that is appropriate to maintain the safety of residents

and staff and is compliant with changing Government Guidelines.


The responsibilities and reference points for determining and approving policy are;

  • Trustees based on government policies and day to day operational experience.
  • Proactively supported and endorsed by research / expertise of Management Team
  • Updated and recommunicated regularly and promptly.
  • Effective immediately, except as indicated otherwise.


–              Infection risks surrounding a property move will be mitigated by

–              Allowing no more than two moves in any one week. One per day.

–              Allowing two friends or family members from the same household assistance to accompany move.

–              Insisting on no more than two removal workers per move, who will have to comply with our “Access to any ASO building” policy

–              Contractor/removal workers will have to adhere to our up to date Covid19 procedures – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be worn at all times.

–              Handwashing, Temperature recording to be completed on entry to an ASO building.

–              Total of any group to be not more than 4 (including yourself as a resident).


ASO staff support to residents as they move in will be limited to

–              Telephone/ videophone advice and support as staff could be working from home.

–              There will be a duty manager on site from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

–              Reception and settling advice and directions (at a social distance of 2 metres)

–              Handyman support (at a social distance of 2 metres) who will be following Covid19 processes to minimise the risk of virus transfer.



                New resident isolation – upon taking up residence without any signs/symptoms.

  • Self-isolate for 10 days prior to moving in. Providing a negative swab test if possible.
  • Under exceptional circumstances isolation within the facility for 10 days if pre isolation and testing not possible.
  • Self-isolation within your apartment/room for 10 days following a prolonged period in hospital is recommended. It is understood that you may well have a negative test carried out when discharged from Hospital, but we recommend this isolating period in line with guidance made by PHE.
  • ASO staff will check in on your wellbeing to make sure you are as safe as possible. This will be achieved via a distanced conversation for less than 15 minutes or via your Alcove tablet.
  • ASO will show residents how to use video calling through their Alcove system.
  • Have conversation with ASO Medical Trustees regarding what needs to be done in

the event of an escalation of a need for care due to a deterioration in health.


  • Go online or on phone to NHS111 and seek up to date advice.
  • Notify on duty Nonsuch Abbeyfield staff via Alcove immediately, with daily updates. MANDATORY
  • Isolate themselves within their apartment for up to 10 days.
  • You will be required to take a PCR test to see if you have the virus.
  • If after 10 days you are symptom free you will be able renter our communal areas.
  • Please note that if you have had the virus and you are symptom free after 10 full days, you will not be needed to take a test for up to 90 days.
  • We would recommend that you communicate with friends, family, befrienders via telephone, email or Alcove system during any self-isolating period.
  • If symptoms persist or get worse call 111 for further advice.

Act on NHS advice (including need for care escalation) as required.





Nonsuch Abbeyfield

  • Restaurant area at Nonsuch Abbeyfield is cleaned (infection control measures used) at 08.00am and 5pm daily.
  • Residents are requested not to sit more than 2 persons per table at nonsuch Abbeyfield
  • If you have not pre booked your evening meal we recommend that you advise the Chef by 4pm.
  • Service within the Nonsuch Abbeyfield restaurant with tables spaced at least 2 metres apart or
  • Meals taken to resident’s apartments/rooms must be packed securely and delivered to the door of apartment at agreed time if self-isolating.
  • We have arranged for evening meals to be served at Nonsuch Abbeyfield over a longer period, 30pm and 7.30pm when resident numbers increase over 25.

Sheltered Housing

  • Dining Rooms within the Nonsuch Abbeyfield Sheltered Houses are cleaned prior to lunchtime.
  • Meals taken to resident’s apartments/rooms must be packed securely and delivered to the door of apartment at agreed time if self-isolating.


  • For useful everyday items, residents should consult with Duty Officer/Volunteer who will facilitate purchases.
  • 1 customer permitted into the shop at one time.


                Coffee mornings on a Tuesday am held in restaurant (ground floor residents) ensuring the social distancing regulations are upheld. Coffee mornings for 1 hour and to be fully compliant with regulations. Arrangements will change when we have over 25 residents wishing to attend.

  • Boules on a Thursday is held on the outside court, Three permitted to play at one time.
  • Pool Table in the Bar area can be used by two residents at one time.
  • The gym at Nonsuch Abbeyfield will reopen to classes. Please ask Jo our Community Manager for details.

–      Activities within our Sheltered Houses will start shortly when further government restrictions are lifted. We will be reviewing this bi weekly.


  • To be provided by a reputable care operator in accordance with Care Assessments. Contacts with the on-site care organization can be facilitated by our Duty Officer (Apex Prime Care and similar providers).




Hairdressing Salon and Barber shops will reopen on 12th April 2021. Therefore, you will be able to invite your hairdresser or barber into your House (dedicated Covid Safe area) or Nonsuch Abbeyfield Apartment.

The Nonsuch Abbeyfield hairdressing salon will reopen on 13th April 2021. The salon will be operated under the buildings Covid19 guidelines, together with our Hairdressers own policies and procedures. The hairdresser will make sure that the salon is as safe as possible and will be wearing full PPE whilst your appointment takes place. Following each appointment, the hairdresser will sanitise the salon and used equipment. We will be restricting appointments to one person at a time.

If you are unable to have a hairdresser visit your residence or Home, please liaise with your House/Community Manager who will guide you to your nearest/local Covid Safe, Hairdresser salon or Barber shop.

12        THERAPIES

Chiropodist are allowed within our ASO buildings, but we recommend that this is done within the confines of your own apartments or made safe Covid19 area. We recommend that all essential services follow the buildings entry procedures relating to ovid19 and wear the appropriate PPE whilst your appointment takes place.

13        GENERAL Guidelines for Residents relating to visitors from 29th March 2021

  • From 29 March people can meet outdoors (including in private gardens) with up to 6 people who are not in their household or support bubble, or more if limited to 2 households. This would enable someone to meet with others in a communal garden or outdoor space in the supported living or extra care setting, or equally an outdoor public space outside of the setting.
  • We also allow visiting in doors within a dedicated visiting area for our Sheltered Houses and Apartments within Nonsuch Abbeyfield. Visiting numbers within a dedicated area or apartment is limited to 2 persons (your details should be listed with the relevant sheltered house/community manager) and children from the same household.
  • Residents with higher care needs can also choose to nominate an ‘essential care giver’ who can provide close contact personal care where it is critical for the resident’s immediate health and wellbeing. Essential Care Givers are to follow the buildings Covid Policies and Procedures.
  • If you have not already you can form a support bubble. For example, a single person household could form a bubble with another household (for example parents or family) and therefore receive visitors indoors at the setting, or for example make a visit to the family home, up to a max of two adults, not inclusive of children.
  • Visitors should avoid (or minimise if avoidance is not possible) contact with other people who live in a shared environment (with face-to-face contact occurring for less than 15 minutes and at least 2 metres apart). Where needed, conversations with staff can be arranged using the above guidelines. It at all possible meetings via phone calls or zoom meetings are recommended to avoid the risk of transfer.


  • Visitors will need to take a Rapid Lateral Flow Test and produce a negative test prior to entering any Abbeyfield building. If you return a positive test we will not be able to grant you access to any of our buildings or garden areas.
  • You are requested to observe social distancing, wear the PPE and follow the buildings Covid19 policies and procedures.


  • Please note that the government has released its restrictions on shielding for the vulnerable on March 29th This will mean that those affected by shielding will now be able to leave their Homes to exercise and visit friends in an outdoor setting.
  • With the above in mind, we will need to abide by the rule of 6. This means you can meet outdoors (including in private gardens) with up to 6 people who are not in their household or support bubble, or more if limited to 2 households. This would enable someone to meet with others in a communal garden or outdoor space in the supported living or extra care setting, or equally an outdoor public space outside of the setting.


  • When participating in your daily exercise you are to be socially responsible by adhering to the 2 meter social distance rule. On your return you must immediately sanitise then wash their hands in their own room on their return to the premises. We ask you to take your temperature (we are looking for temperatures below 38 degrees. Should your temperature be slightly below or higher than 38 degrees, wait 10 minutes and take in again. Should your temperature remain high, please advise the ASO Community Manager/House Manager and return to your Apartment/Room. You can follow the guidelines under number 6 from this point. Above all please do not worry, assistance will be available to you.


  • Residents who would prefer to be in their family bubble (with visits) must take a LFT before returning to your residence. Please see our Visiting policy for details of LFT Centres. If you are unable to do this we would ask you to self-isolate in your apartments/rooms and not use any of the communal facilities. Notify ASO staff of your decision.
  • All visitors must carry out a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) and prove a negative result before entering an Abbeyfield building and before visiting one of our residents. Please remember to wear masks when in communal areas.
  • Please note that our Sheltered Housing residents can now visit their local shops. We only ask you to adhere to our social distancing policy and wear PPE (face mask).
  • Bearing in mind that contact with others will be increased we recommend that our Sheltered House follows our guideline of being tested via a LFT twice weekly.


  • Essential contractors will fully comply with our procedures but may choose to perform their services using their own PPE provided by their own employers, due to policies applied by them.
  • Essential trips to doctors/hospital assisted by friends/family are allowed but all involved must fully comply with our Covid19 protocols.


As agreed with you, we will continually review the above guidelines and should any Resident disagree or wish to change their minds relating to the above points, please contact Jo Taylor or Martin King (work place – main office). If you reside within our Sheltered Housing please inform our Housing Mangers. Details can be located within our Visitors Policy.




  • All non-resident entrants to the building must take a LFT and prove a negative result on entry to an Abbeyfield building. If you receive a positive result, then entry will be denied.
  • All ASO staff are expected to wear masks in all communal areas and to apply strict Social Distancing in their relationships with residents, contractors. volunteers and other staff.
  • All staff, contractors must wash their hands upon arrival and departure from the building, and as necessary during the visit. (unless wearing one use gloves)
  • Cleaners to sterilize daily all hard surfaces in communal areas, all railings (internal and external). All door handles to occupied apartments and regularly used rooms.
  • All staff to be discouraged travelling by public transport, unless critical to the discharge of essential commitments.
  • All staff who have knowingly been in contact with a Coivd19 carrier should report this immediately to Nonsuch Abbeyfield Management Team and self-isolate for 10 days.
  • All staff member displaying symptoms of Covid19 should report this immediately, consult with NHS 111and self-isolate for 7 days. Where necessary they should escalate their care in accordance with NHS111 advice.


  • Rigorous control of entry to building.
  • General admissions limited to residents, visitors, staff and any essential emergency carers.
  • Purposeful admissions limited to contractors formally approved to enter the building to carry out a specific task. Contractors will be asked in advance to specify their procedures for mitigating risk of staff.

16           SECUIRITY/EMERGENCY AT Nonsuch Abbeyfield/Sheltered Houses via ALCOVE & Out of Hours / Care Line

  • The Nonsuch Abbeyfield building will be locked at night. Carecall 24/7 provides an emergency out of hours service by using the Care Tablet (touch Screen). The Alexa call can be used via voice command by saying Alexa Call Help. The Carecall 24/7 team will then respond and assist you via your Alexa. You will have previously provided your preferred option of call back via family member. If there is no response from you following the Alexa being activated the emergency services will be called as a matter of Standard Operational Procedure.
  • Residents can gain access to the building and their own corridor using their keys, fobs, or passcodes.
  • The Sheltered Houses are secure at night and if an emergency arises your Care Line pendant scheme is to be activated.
  • Essential Services are allowed access to our ASO buildings if required.

17           POTENTIAL RTESIDENTS Visiting guidelines

Prospective purchasers/tenants wishing to visit any of our ASO buildings must fully comply with the above and our pre booking process providing your contact details. During this period we ask our potential residents to adhere to our visiting procedure that will be run by Hampton for Nonsuch Abbeyfield and we request you contact Anthea Snoussi our Sheltered Housing Operational Manager for our Sheltered Housing. Full details of our procedures will be given at the time of your enquiry.




Update of our Visitors Policy for all Abbeyfield Southern Oaks Residents and Relatives

Dear All

Following on from our recent update by the government regarding the partial release of visiting restrictions, I am writing to you all with regard to our new visiting policy. Please be aware that the information below may change from time to time as the government rolls out its programme to release restrictive measures. I will of course supply updated versions when necessary.

Guidelines for Visitors & Residents from March 8th through to April 17th 2021

  • Due to government acceptance that sheltered housing and independent living environments with extra care are similar in nature, we are now able to access testing that minimises the risk of potential Covid19 transfer.
  • In this regard we are now able to adopt many of the government as well as TAS guidelines that cover a road map for our visitors to both our Sheltered Housing and Nonsuch Abbeyfield.
  • Whilst taking these into consideration we at ASO are recommending that 2 family members be placed on our confidential list so that they can visit a resident. This we hope will allow greater access should one visitor not be able to attend. If you are unable to recommend a family member you will be able to list a close friend.
  • Please note that we will only be allowing two visitors per resident per day.
  • Each visit will last no more than 1 hour.
  • Please note that bookings can only be made with the House Manager/Community Manager on the numbers below:
  • Old House – 020 8393 0085
  • Purley Knoll – 020 8660 5194
  • Mulgrave Road – 020 8642 0423
  • York Road – 020 8643 3765
  • Nonsuch Abbeyfield – 020 8394 0050
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to allow visits on a day when ASO staff are not available to assist with our pre visiting testing process.
  • During this first phase (March 8th through to April 17th) you will be restricted to two visits per week for each visitor.
  • It is noted that if you have an existing care package in place, your carer/essential service person should follow the already agreed pathway.
  • All visitors must carry out a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) and prove a negative result before entering an Abbeyfield building and before visiting one of our residents. Please remember to wear masks when in communal areas.
  • Please note that our Sheltered Housing residents can now visit their local shops. We only ask you to adhere to our social distancing policy and wear PPE (face mask).
  • Bearing in mind that contact with others will be increased we recommend that our Sheltered Houses follow our guideline of being tested via a LFT twice weekly.
  • The above will be changing as the government release restrictions over the following weeks/months.


Pathway for visitors to follow:

  • Prior to your visit to any of our locations you will need to book an appointment with the Housing Manager or our Community Manager (details above).
  • You will then need to book your lateral Flow Devise Test.
  • This test can be taken at a local centre listed below:

–     Do it yourself via your local chemist – where you can pick up free of charge up to 7 LFT’s or you can visit:

–     Nonsuch Abbeyfield & Old House – Bourne Hall, Ewell Village, KT17 1UF

–     York Road and Mulgrave Road – Hill House, Bishopsford Road, Sutton, SM4 6BL, Maple Lodge, Worcester Park, KT4 8DL

–     Purley Knoll – Coulsdon Library, CR5 2NH


  • Please note that this test can take up to 30 minutes to complete.
  • Once completed and before you gain entry/visit to either Nonsuch Abbeyfield or our Sheltered Houses, we will ask you for the result of your Lateral Flow Devise Test.
  • Once you have a negative result, you can inform the House Manager of your pending arrival.
  • Before your visit to one of our Sheltered Houses or Nonsuch Abbeyfield we will need to go through with you our ‘in house’ guidelines prior to seeing your family member, which are as follows:
  • We will ask you if you have suffered from any recent or fever like symptoms. You will need to be symptom free to enter any of our Houses.
  • We will take your temperature –which must be below 38 degrees.
  • You will be asked to wash and sanitise your hands.
  • You will be required to wear full PPE. If you do not have your own PPE we will provide PPE for you.
  • Whether you are visiting a Sheltered House or Nonsuch Abbeyfield, your visits will be carried out during this first phase within a designated safe area. You will not be allowed to gain access to any communal area during the first phase.
  • When your checks are complete you will be shown to the designated visiting area and your family member will be brought to you.
  • Due to the Independent Living environment at Nonsuch Abbeyfield visitors will be shown to the resident’s apartment.
  • Please note that each visit will be time sensitive of up to one hour per visit.

Guidelines during your visit to a Sheltered House or Nonsuch Abbeyfield

  • It is recommended that during your visit you should adhere to our social distancing guidelines, at all times, or as much as your designated space dictates.
  • You will be able to touch hands and we recommend that you follow government guidelines in that you wear full PPE including gloves during your visit.
  • Please do not be tempted to remove your PPE as this will increase any potential risk of transfer.
  • On the conclusion of your visit, we will ask you to place your PPE in an appropriate bin.
  • The above information is not an exhaustive list and may well change from time to time.

We understand that this is a challenging period for all concerned as we try to keep everybody as safe as possible and to minimise the risk of Covid19 transfer. We hope that you understand and take into consideration the above guidelines that ultimately benefit us all.

We sincerely hope that in time these guidelines can be relaxed further.

Martin King

Martin King

Director of Business & Operations

Abbeyfield Southern Oaks

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