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COVID-19 has brought many problems, particularly so to older and vulnerable people.  We at Abbeyfield Southern Oaks are acutely aware of the worries that residents. their families, staff and visitors have at this difficult time.  Please be assured that we are ceaselessly striving to ensure the safety of all who live, work or visit our homes.

  • Covid restrictions and the wearing of PPE is now lifted.
  • We can confirm that all residents within ASO have received their second booster jabs unless the resident has specifically declined to receive one. To date all residents within ASO properties have received their booster jabs.
  • Our current policy dictates that if you are unwell and are showing covid like symptoms, you are recommended to take an LFT. If negative, we advise you stay at Home until you are well enough to work, or if symptoms are minor we will ask you to wear a mask whilst in communal areas.
  • If you return a positive test, we recommend that you isolate at Home/Apartment for 5 days, taking a LFT on the 6th and 7th days. If you return a negative test for two continuous days, you will be allowed to return to work/communal areas.
  • If you spend more than three days in hospital, we recommend that you ask the discharging team for a negative covid result before the resident returns Home.
  • If your Home has a breakout of Covid, we recommend that those residents isolate within their apartments/rooms taking a LFT on days 5 and 6. Two negative results over continuous days will allow you to return to communal areas.
  • ASO continues to keep a healthy stock of PPE, which can be supplied at any time. We recommend that each Manager keep an audit on dates for existing stock.
  • If you have any questions, please ask the Main office on 0208 394 0050.



This policy was reviewed 01/01/23 and will be further reviewed on 01/01/24

Martin King – DBO Abbeyfield Southern Oaks





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