Making time for older people.

Abbeyfield Southern Oaks is a community based organisation which relies on volunteers to help us achieve our goals

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Abbeyfield Southern Oaks is a not for profit organisation. We are affiliated to The Abbeyfield Society, but are independent and run our own affairs.

Regulator: Housing Corporation H1185  

Registered Office: The Old House, Epsom Road, Ewell, Surrey KT17 1JZ

Registered Charity Number 247308

The company, which is limited by guarantee, is registered in England and Wales at the above address (registration number 734705)

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Works on the Nonsuch Abbeyfield Extra Care Community on Old School Lane, Ewell have started. Enabling works including demolition of the existing buildings and establishment of the site compound are underway. Castleoak, our construction partner, will then start the construction works in late December 2017 with completion of the building in the latter half of 2019. For details of our progress and ongoing updates please go to the

 Nonsuch Abbeyfield website

New Development in Ewell

In addition to our volunteers, and the residents themselves, the key community partners who help to make Abbeyfield Southern Oaks successful are:

Families and sponsors

When a new resident is accepted into Abbeyfield, a  sponsor accepts responsibility for organising and facilitating the resident's affairs in the event of the resident becoming seriously ill or requiring more personal care than can be provided by Abbeyfield Southern Oaks. For most residents, their sponsor is a member of their family.

Our residents' families and sponsors are critical to their health, welfare and happiness during their stay with Abbeyfield. Families and sponsors are involved in helping to prepare and support the resident through the difficult process of letting go of their own homes and getting settled in their new accommodation. Thereafter, their continuing love and support helps the resident find a new peace of mind amongst familiar possessions and a new community of friends.

Sometimes families and sponsors have to work with their resident to help them face up to changing circumstances. This may lead to their having to move on to a residential care or nursing home.

Such continuity and consistency of support from people a resident knows well helps us to ensure that the resident gets the most from his or her stay with Abbeyfield. Our volunteers and staff work closely with families and sponsors to ensure that everyone's efforts are in the best interests of the resident.

St Andrew's URC

St Andrew's United Reformed Church is a few hundred yards and a mile away from our York Road and Mulgrave Road houses, respectively. The Society was set up by the members of the congregation of St Andrew's URC over 30 years ago and its committees and volunteers have always included a high proportion of St Andrew's members.

Most of the Society's achievements have been conceived, executed and celebrated in partnership with the St Andrew's community and, for the last six years, the Society sponsored a Chaplain for Older people in partnership with St Andrew's. Many of our residents have chosen to become members of St Andrew's during their stay at Abbeyfield.

The Society is and has always been enormously appreciative of the continuing support and friendship of the St Andrew's congregation, and of the energy and innovation that has invariably flowed from this very special relationship.

St Paul's Church Sutton

During 2007 the Pastoral Director of St Paul's Church Sutton has been helping us to build a partnership between the volunteer community of Abbeyfield Southern Oaks and the members of the congregation of St Paul's. Both organisations hope to derive benefit from this partnership in the years ahead.

Our local councils and

Our Sutton and Cheam houses are located administratively within the London Borough of Sutton and our Ewell house within the Epsom and Ewell Borough Council. Whilst some of our residents are able to meet our charges from their own resources, others have recourse to the support available from the local council through Housing Benefit and Supporting People arrangements. Abbeyfield Southern Oaks has been accredited as a provider of sheltered accommodation for which Supporting People grants are available.

Other Partners