Making time for older people.

Abbeyfield Southern Oaks is a community based organisation which relies on volunteers to help us achieve our goals

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Abbeyfield Southern Oaks is a not for profit organisation. We are affiliated to The Abbeyfield Society, but are independent and run our own affairs.

Regulator: Housing Corporation H1185  

Registered Office: The Old House, Epsom Road, Ewell, Surrey KT17 1JZ

Registered Charity Number 247308

The company, which is limited by guarantee, is registered in England and Wales at the above address (registration number 734705)

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Works on the Nonsuch Abbeyfield Extra Care Community on Old School Lane, Ewell have started. Enabling works including demolition of the existing buildings and establishment of the site compound are underway. Castleoak, our construction partner, will then start the construction works in late December 2017 with completion of the building in the latter half of 2019. For details of our progress and ongoing updates please go to the

 Nonsuch Abbeyfield website

New Development in Ewell

Sung to the tune of ’21 today’

I’m, one year old today, yes I’m one year old today,

Jean says I can do as I like,

Others might say ‘on yer bike’

You are all such good friends,

And you really make my day.

Abbeyfield is the place to be,

when you’re one year old today.

I’m one year old today,

 yes I’m one year old today,

I now have the key of the door

‘never  ad ought like this before’

You are all such treasures,

And I love you more and more.

So as long as my heart keeps beating

I’m here for evermore.

Les Wileman.

Celebrating one year at Abbeyfield, York Road.



No more the shadows cast their spell

No silhouette the many years to tell

No imprint left, no dye left cast

No more the leaves of ages past

Mighty cedar leafless now

Stands sentinel with naked bough

Awaits the woodsman’s axe to care

To end the life of bygone year

That stood so proud so grand

Now to fall by woodman’s hand

Its journey done, its life at end

Its time to go my dear old friend

Look down just one more time

On those that justly for you pine

Not just a tree, not just wood

A thing of beauty where once you stood.


October 2015

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