Making time for older people.

Abbeyfield Southern Oaks is a community based organisation which relies on volunteers to help us achieve our goals

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Abbeyfield Southern Oaks is a not for profit organisation. We are affiliated to The Abbeyfield Society, but are independent and run our own affairs.

Regulator: Housing Corporation H1185  

Registered Office: The Old House, Epsom Road, Ewell, Surrey KT17 1JZ

Registered Charity Number 247308

The company, which is limited by guarantee, is registered in England and Wales at the above address (registration number 734705)

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Works on the Nonsuch Abbeyfield Extra Care Community on Old School Lane, Ewell have started. Enabling works including demolition of the existing buildings and establishment of the site compound are underway. Castleoak, our construction partner, will then start the construction works in late December 2017 with completion of the building in the latter half of 2019. For details of our progress and ongoing updates please go to the

 Nonsuch Abbeyfield website

New Development in Ewell


We believe that local people have an essential part to play in helping older people in our community to live a more supported, fulfilling and secure life in their declining years.We already have close to 100 volunteers giving some of their valuable time to Abbeyfield Southern Oaks. However, we are always ready to welcome new faces, so as to spread the commitment, and to replace those loyal friends who feel that they have reached an age/stage of life when volunteering is no longer for them. There are lots of worthwhile ways in which volunteers help us to make living in Abbeyfield extra special for our residents. Some make up the committees which govern and supervise the operations and ethos of the two houses. Others act as ‘shadows' and ‘house friends', whose role is to provide pastoral support and friendship to individual residents, and to help enhance the ‘family' feel of the houses by extending the services provided by the housekeeper and other staff.

Becoming a Volunteer, training etc

Help we need

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