During the lockdown the residents of The Old House have been extremely well looked after and everything has been done to create a great sense of security and calm from both a resident’s perspective and a relative’s perspective that they are safe and in good hands. Abbeyfield was spot on with getting the house locked down from the beginning and have been very clear of it’s sensible rules.

My mum has felt entirely relaxed about the whole thing because of this and is enjoying the rest!

The staff at The Old House have been wonderful. They are friendly, helpful and understanding and more than willing to go out of their way for the residents, going to the shops for them, picking up prescriptions, posting things for them etc. My mum has been able to Skype with her other son and two grandchildren in Hungary as iPads were made available to the residents. She would not have known how to do this herself so was very kindly set up with it all by the staff.

As we’ve gone in to the easing down of the lockdown, again The Old House have been brilliant at communicating how it will work and organising a controlled, safe and sensible environment for relatives to visit. I have enjoyed a nice cup of tea in the garden with my mum, socially distancing, washing my hands and having my temperature taken all in the name of necessary safety.

Long before and during the pandemic I have been nothing but happy with the way The Old House has been run. I would like to take this opportunity to say a great big heartfelt thanks to all the lovely staff there.

David Strand