Jill Ohlson was one of a small group of the congregation of Saint Andrew’s United Reformed Church in Cheam, who set up the Abbeyfield Cheam Society in the late 1970s. She was the trustee given responsibility for overseeing the set up and management of the operations of the Society’s first house at 82 York Road, Cheam.

Jill ensured the house was run to the highest of standards and in the best interests of all of its residents, by working closely and sensitively with the residents, the housekeepers, and the team of volunteers to help create a vibrant and supportive community.

Jill remained a key trustee for the Society throughout her 30+ years. She was an important contributor to decisions taken regarding the acquisition of a second house, the negotiation and implementation of two mergers, and eventually to the development of the forward looking new independent living community at Nonsuch Abbeyfield in Ewell.

Jill’s long-term contribution to Abbeyfield was a wonderful example of her selfless and eternally positive enthusiasm for the Abbeyfield values and cause.

Ken, Jill’s husband, was also a caring supporter behind the scenes. Together, they were staunch supporters of the Society’s intention to pursue the independent living concept that now exists here at Nonsuch Abbeyfield.

It is hoped that the Jill Ohlson Garden will develop into a long-lasting reminder of the love, care and determination that Jill brought to the Abbeyfield Southern Oaks community.

Jill Ohlson's granddaughter Jenny cutting the ribbon

Jill Ohlson’s granddaughter Jenny cutting the ribbon

The Jill Ohlson Garden at Nonsuch Abbeyfield Independent Living retirement village

The Jill Ohlson Garden at Nonsuch Abbeyfield Independent Living retirement village